Kip McGrath School Readiness

Kip McGrath specialises in School Readiness Tuition, offering face-to-face tutoring to children in Grade R.

The transition from pre-school to more formal learning is a significant one for children. It can affect their interest, motivation at school and their future school success. Kip McGrath's specialised Get Ready for School programme is a gentle introduction to learning which aids the smooth transition from pre-school to "big" school.

Get Ready for School

Get Ready for School and Little Learners can be done as a year-long on-going course. Our Get Ready for School programme is essential for parents who want to ensure the initial school experience is a positive one for their child. The programme includes activities that promote both learning concepts and school readiness skills.

Skills covered:

  • Alphabet
  • Counting
  • Recognising letter sounds and names
  • Writing letter sounds and names
  • Shape recognition
  • Number recognition
  • Identifying colours
  • Visual discrimination
  • Memory skills
  • Learning behaviours
  • Fine motor skills
  • Hand and eye coordination
  • Writing one's own name
  • Pencil grip

Course highlights:

  • Fun and stress-free learning
  • Carefully structured course introduces new concepts each lesson and revises previous concepts
  • Builds children's confidence in their ability to learn and interact in a learning environment
  • Reduces the stress of the initial formal schooling experience

Little Learners

This is a Little Learners education programme for nearly-new school children. We develop a love of learning in your child for the start of formal school years. We help your child transition from Grade R to Grade 1 and improve the chances of school success. Little Learners focuses on building the foundations of literacy and numeracy by engaging children in a variety of structured, yet fun learning activities.

Your child will develop, improve and reinforce learning in...

  • Basic reading, including phonemic awareness
  • Comprehension
  • Alphabet and counting
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Number recognition

Course highlights:

  • Experienced tutors
  • A structured learning programme
  • Lesson activities use a variety of media to engage and interest children
  • Develops visual and auditory memory skills

All children are given a FREE initial assessment to identify areas where learning needs to be concentrated. An individual learning programme is then tailored for your child based on the assessment results. While all centres provide extra lessons for maths, Afrikaans and English, not all centres offer all modules or additional subjects, so please confirm with your local Kip McGrath centre.