Kip McGrath Study Skills

Kip McGrath specialises in Study Skills Courses, offering face-to-face tutoring to children from Grade 8 through to Grade 12.

Is Your Child...

  • Spending hours studying yet not achieving the results you want?
  • Finding it hard to get motivated to study?
  • Overwhelmed by classes without even knowing where to start?

Kip McGrath's Study Skills Course, taught by qualified tutors, can help improve your study effectiveness.

Did You Know That...

  • Concentration is a skill that can be learned?
  • Time management and organisation are the keys to effective study?
  • Exam stress can be managed and channelled towards success?

Our 10-lesson Study Skills Course will give you the tools to help with homework, study techniques in general and exam preparation.

Course Highlights

  • Effective time management for students
  • Setting and achieving goals
  • Study techniques for individual learning styles
  • Improving concentration
  • Effective note-taking
  • Overcoming exam anxiety
  • Research skills and organisation

The course focuses on developing study techniques and strategies and then applying these to your individual circumstances. The course runs in small groups so students can learn to work in groups, interact and bounce ideas off one another.

All children are given a FREE initial assessment to identify areas where learning needs to be concentrated. An individual learning programme is then tailored for your child based on the assessment results. While all centres provide extra lessons for maths, Afrikaans and English, not all centres offer all modules or additional subjects, so please confirm with your local Kip McGrath centre. Assessments are not given for Study Skills.